Powers & Abilities How many Ulti headbutts can each SH take

So far 3 SHs (2 from Weakling trio:suresure:) have taken at least 1 Ulti headbutt. Luffy ate it like lunch & could take way more, Usopp looks like a 3rd will be his limit, & Nami said a 2nd headbutt would kill her & I believe her. But how would the rest of the SHs do?
Here's how I see it;

Luffy: Infinity
Zoro/Sanji/Jinbe: 100's
Franky: Baker's dozen
Chopper: 6
Brook: 5
Usopp: 3
Robin: 2
Nami: 1
Yeah Sanji endured a gatling from Oars Jr, which is far worse than any damage Zoro or Luffy received
Lmfao why you so trash ?

Luffy tb endurance > luffy ennies lobby endurance
Luffy post lucci fight still full conscious yet couldnt move

Luffy post moriah body shut down

Meaning he went through more in tb than he did in el
Luffys endurance shits on sanjis

Combining gears literally is killing luffy and zoro had to take that amongst everything else not being rubber.