Future Events How would you end the series?

What would your final chapter or final scene/panels of OP be?

Personally, I'd end the series with Luffy watching on as Zoro finally challenges Mihawk again. Maybe have Luffy and Shanks betting on the winner if Shanks survives to the end. Final panel could either be Zoro Dashing in toward Mihawk or a smirk

Its a little cheesy I know, and Zoro fans might want me killed for off panelling Zoro vs Mihawk but I don't think Zoro becoming WSS is needed on panel. We all know he will do it and he himself has placed Luffy's dream above his own as a true right hand. Obviously everything and all the other SH's dreams would have been accomplished/completed. Maybe all the SH's are there to witness the moment as well.

But that's my limited imagination lol What ya'll think?
One Piece Last Volume = First Volume

Chapter 1192 ---> Romance Dawn/Dusk ---> End of Final War Events
Chapter 1193 ---> Zoro + His New Epithet ---> Chapter about Zoro & Mihawk
Chapter 1194 ---> Luffy + His New Epithet ---> Chapter about Luffy & Shanks
Chapter 1195 ---> Main Villain of Story ---> Chapter about End of Final Villain or his Fate Post-War
Chapter 1196 ---> Pirate King & Greatest Swordsman ---> Chapter about Luffy/Zoro finally achieving their Dreams
Chapter 1197 ---> The Last ---> End of Straw Hats Pirates & Final Farewell
Chapter 1198 ---> Nakama or a Related Name ---> TimeSkip happens & we see how all Straw Hats are doing Post-Adventure
Chapter 1199 ---> Nami or Title related to World ---> Updates on all Locations/People we've seen & World Map at the End
Chapter 1200 ---> One Piece ---> Chapter about Luffy & his Legacy + True meaning of One Piece & Luffy/Roger's True Dream

I'm 99% certain about this Last Volume.
As for Previous Two Volumes, they will be about other Seven Straw Hats, all achieving their Dreams & Conclusion of their Stories, 3 Chapters for each Straw Hat, resulting in 21 Chapters, which is Two Volumes. While Last Volume is for Luffy, Zoro & Nami.
My last chapter would be how the Strawhats have ended up after the Final War and destruction of the WG

- Luffy will form a harem as the pirate king consisting of: Hancock, Nami, Vivi, Rebecca, Shirahoshi, Reiju, Alvida, and will travel with them the entire world. Nami will use this chance to draw the World's Map and fulfil her dream

- Zoro will get Tashigi and Hiyori and settles on Wano, will be hailed as the new Sword God of Wano country

- Sanji will get Violet and Pudding and build the biggest restaurant in the middle of All blue, will be hailed as the best cook ever

- Usopp will go back to Kaya and show her that his nose isn't the only long thing in his body, will be hailed as the best sniper ever

- Chopper will form a harem in Zou and settles there to research, will be hailed as the best doctor ever

- Robin will most likely settle with the Revolutionary Army somewhere and start teaching real history to the next generations, might get married

- Brook will continue his legacy as a musician by traveling the world and performing concerts, will be hailed as the best musician ever and will have the most fans out of all the Strawhats

- Franky will surpass Vegapunk and create and even more SUPER and PERVERTED version of himself, will be hailed as the best scientist alive

- Jinbe will settle back with his fellow fishmen to teach them fishman karate and how to coexist with humans, will be hailed as the new fishmen hero, might get married
Luffy and the SHs at the deck of the Sunny. From there Luffy enters a unique place, which is One Piece: [a limitless pocket reality] he has complete authority over. He invites his nakama in, and instead of partying, they have an endearing, silent happiness moment where they just smile and have intimate heart-to-heart conversation, just like when they float down from Skypiea from Octopus balloon.


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I wouldn't they're all young enough to carry the franchisee for other 25 years at least...

Jokes aside i'd focus on " after the adventure " when a story ends we not always get to see how they spend the rest of their lifes after they've become " legends " or whatever and i think i'd have some mini arcs to see how they progress in life :)
Luffy + Mihawk vs Im-sama. Both getting defeated, Im-sama ready to kill Luffy. Mihawk use his last strength trying to save Luffy only to fail miserably.

Zoro Shishi-Son one-shots Im-sama saving both his captain and former teacher. All that happening outside Mariejoia where the whole world is watching then nobody has the least doubt of who is WSS.