Future Events How would you end the series?

In the last chapter I would have im fighting the straw hats and it would be revealed that the former is the revive revive no mi user. Then im would revive roger whitebeard ace monet vergo noland higuma and pedro but all of them would defy and kill im and have a huge banquet with the straw hats. The end.


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I would love a massive banqueting featuring a shit ton of people in order to celebrate Luffy's adventures and deeds.
Personally I don't want this SHs with kids but it seems that every shonen follow this way,so I think the crew will separate and everyone will follow their way we'll know what every SH is up to and luffy will sail free alone because there will be no restrictions this will be told by Ussop who'll have a collection of the most valuable thing of every SH
luffy will dead . remember he already cut off 10 years in impel down and receive more doping in marineford wars doubt his body will survive into old age ....
maybe luffy will end up like roger with the same execution and same dream about one piece to next generation who watch his execution ...
1. the straw hats disband for some years, 5-10 years later they meet again at logue town to go into a new adventure.

2. everybody settles down, they go back to their hometowns or with their EOS pairing. Series ends with Luffy’s kid declaring his dream
Why is it so hard for people to understand that Zoro will become WSS before Luffy becomes PK?
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One Piece Last Volume = First Volume

Chapter 1192 ---> Romance Dawn/Dusk ---> End of Final War Events
Chapter 1193 ---> Zoro + His New Epithet ---> Chapter about Zoro & Mihawk
Chapter 1194 ---> Luffy + His New Epithet ---> Chapter about Luffy & Shanks
Chapter 1195 ---> Main Villain of Story ---> Chapter about End of Final Villain or his Fate Post-War
Chapter 1196 ---> Pirate King & Greatest Swordsman ---> Chapter about Luffy/Zoro finally achieving their Dreams
Chapter 1197 ---> The Last ---> End of Straw Hats Pirates & Final Farewell
Chapter 1198 ---> Nakama or a Related Name ---> TimeSkip happens & we see how all Straw Hats are doing Post-Adventure
Chapter 1199 ---> Nami or Title related to World ---> Updates on all Locations/People we've seen & World Map at the End
Chapter 1200 ---> One Piece ---> Chapter about Luffy & his Legacy + True meaning of One Piece & Luffy/Roger's True Dream

I'm 99% certain about this Last Volume.
As for Previous Two Volumes, they will be about other Seven Straw Hats, all achieving their Dreams & Conclusion of their Stories, 3 Chapters for each Straw Hat, resulting in 21 Chapters, which is Two Volumes. While Last Volume is for Luffy, Zoro & Nami.
I'm sorry but this is just ridiculous. The final volume isn't gonna have Zoro essentially be the co-main character while the rest of the SHs get treated like background characters