General & Others How would you have reacted if Tobi was ramen guy?

Totally agree, it would have totally fixed Naruto, even better if the last scene of the manga is him genjutsuing Naruto in believing all the crazy shit Kishi made him doing lol. Anyway I remember a lot of fans were pissed cause he was Obito, they said it didn't make sense for a number of reasons, not that I care since by that point Naruto had long since sinked.
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Zoro D Goat

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Naruto would have been a masterpiece by now then:steef::steef:And it took me a good while to realize that Tobi was Obito all along lol:crazwhat:


The Road To Harmony
The Obito reveal wasn’t bad on principle. It didn’t work out because Obito’s motivations were relatively weak or underdeveloped compared to some other Naruto villains, particularly Nagato, who pulled off the whole mastermind behind the shadows deal better.