General & Others How would you have reacted if Tobi was ramen guy?

Anything better that shitty plot Obito, who decided to destroy Konoha, kill Minato and his wife, kill Uchiha clan....because...because...Rin has died. Rin who never cared about him, Rin...girl that he never saw naked ass. I mean, ok if she was his garl, and pregnanted by him...and still, life is not over, there are millions other chicks...than WHY??!! I mean even Sasuke could be understanable, before he decides to wipe out whole Konoha for no reason, case his mind was crushed by his shitty brother who loved him with sick love. But Obito did too much bad things for no reason at all ....that worst shit plot, even Rin would be better Tobi for fu*k sake!

Bakazuki Bakainu

The Seventh Wonder.
I would have loved it, it should be a Naruto SD/Rock Lee Springtime of Youth episode or chapter or whatever. I remember the "Gaikage" one...

I prefer this idea tbh:

There are some fantastice edits of Ramen Guy as Tobi, Madara and Sage of 6 Bowls too though:

I used to be so hyped for Tobi, sigh...I remember when I was excited for Kishi to reveal he was Obito too...I swear if Hori drops the ball with
in the same way in MHA lol. I doubt he will but there's never a guarantee either.