Break Week I only care about Zoro in OP

What a sad and pathetic life you must lead.
To be honest my life is pretty sad.
I don't know how to talk to girls. I'm MORBIDLY obese. I have spots ALL over my face, and I spend all day doing nothing.

But your post just sparked some hope in me. Because despite being beat down by life again and again....and despite being dealt terrible cards by God.....I never once considered wearing a Gear 5 Luffy profile pic.:hope:
There's hope for me after all.
No other character matters, in fact if I was Oda I’d make everyone worship and admire Zoro and be his cheerleader because the only person that matters in OP is Zoro.

Although it’s not the same for all other works of fiction. Generally the main character isn’t an insufferable tone deaf Looney tunes merchant, and other characters work hand in hand to create a symphony of personas and dynamics. Too bad the symphony oda is playing sounds like a fork scratching a plate.
It must be hard for you, because this story is Luffy Piece.
Oda gives you crumbs from time to time like in this chapter 1110.
It's still sad to follow this manga only for one character.

Especially the greatest strength of One Piece and its history and mysteries.
You can see better characters and fights in other manga.
Oh that same rumble call Akainu fascist or retard stalemate.
β€˜People are taking too seriously on comic book characters.
β€˜But yeah we are no different than sport fans like soccer who kill each other .

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@Lee Ba Shou The OP section getting a taste of what we have to endure with Rumble's nonsense on a daily basis in the Kingdom section.

We're doing the forum a favour by keeping him busy.
Damn I missed it, he already got banned lmfao.

Well I see my attempts to exorcise the demons possessing him in the Kingdom Spoiler section failed. Lol