If you were a character inside the world of your favorite character and you were able to meet them, what would they think about you? (Be honest)

If i were able to meeet my favorite character, they would...

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Title says it all!

I know there's a lot of people out there that enjoy characters that are the exact opposite of them, because they admire that type of character and wish they were able to be more like them IRL. There's also a bunch of people who enjoy characters for more superficial reasons, like design and fighting style / power scaling, wich is fine since we're just enjoying fictional stories and characters.

But i think it would be an interesting exercise to think about what would our favorite characters think about ourselves. So, answer the poll and post down bellow what is your favorite character and explain to us how they would think about you and why.


π“πšπ€π’π§π  𝐚 𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐀
Lol, I'm a weak and unimpressive normal human. Maschenny would consider me an insignificant maggot and wouldn't even notice when she killed me.
Wow I like your thread ! I have to make my brain works a little bit.

My favorites characters are the one that I created !
I won't talk about them.

🏡️ If I was in Run Day Burst :

I would be totally useless since I don't know mechanics, and I am not a driver prodigy.

🏡️ If I was in Boruto / Naruto :

If I had access to chakra and if I would be able to potentially become a Shinobi, I would still prefer another way like Architect or even have a shop.
I would have still train a lot in Taijutsu because being able to run super fast and jump super high ( if I have the fitting reaction time ).

If I had really, really no choice but to be a Shinobi, I would still train a lot in Taijutsu and Bō Jutsu while creating my own Jutsu. But I don't think I would be that strong, probably more of a strategist. And be friend with Choji, and Neji.

🏡️ In Samurai Champuru, well, I would probably don't interact much with Mugen, Jin or Guy. They would not care about me and I wouldn't care about them.

🏡️ In Terror in Resonance I would not interact with the protagonist either.

🏡️ In Redline I would probably not interact with the main characters.

🏡️ In Tanaka kun is always listless, I would be a distant friend of the protagonists.

🏡️ In Kill la Kill I would totally try to participate in the story, and flirt with Ryuko

🏡️ In ToraDora I would not interact with the main characters

🏡️ In Bleach I would not interact with the main characters

🏡️ In One Piece I would train a lot to have some strenght and participate a little in the Revolutionary Army by organizing contreband and Data collect.
I would maybe not encounter Luffy and his crew.

🏡️ In Gantz I would actually be useful in the tracking evil aliens / monsters night.

🏡️ In Mamoru Osada and Ghibli's movies I don't really know...