Powers & Abilities Imu has another type of Mythical Dragon fruit

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I think this is very likely. It’s probably the entire reason why the Celestial Dragon’s are called… Celestial Dragons.

We see that when transformed there is one eye on the side, a big pair of sharp teeth and the chomp sound effect of Imu munching on flames.

That really looks like a view of a dragon to me.

And although I am absolutely 100% certain that this is not Imu (We had that discussion to death last week)

Even that could be the silhouette of a dragon clambering down. Especially if it is a Western Dragon (I think it will be) and we don’t see the back wings and such. It would have four limbs, wings, tail etc. Speaking of the tail, the attack that was used to kill Cobra could well be the end of a tail lashing out and stabbing him.

We know the Celestial Dragon’s are obsessed with dragons. There is their name, obviously. Their mark is meant to resemble the claw of a dragon, three talons and a back one.

The call themselves dragon kind, and don’t think of themselves as humans (Yes, they are some of those kinds of weirdos).

And they liked Vegapunk’s dragon enough to name it.

I think that all this stems from Imu being the original dragon, the Creator, and their king. I’m guessing a western dragon to distinguish from Kaido, and that’s why Vegapunk was creating western ones and not eastern ones. I think it’s also been noted that there is a difference made in series between the word Oda uses for western and eastern dragons.

Now, I’m not sure how this would tie to Ryuma, or if it even would. And I can say right now, I absolutely am not saying ZKI. Zoro has nothing to do with Imu. That’s not the purpose of this.

But I do think it’s the most likely power of Imu and the reason for the entire dragon iconography of the nobles.

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I see someone far more skilled at art is ahead of me.

But yeah, I think that shows exactly what I think is being drawn when Imu chomps Sabo’s attack.
I do agreed that Imu would be a western dragon Zoan.

The teeth sold the theory for me. And Imu's tail looks like a devil's tail, which can also be interpreted for fantasy genre dragons.

Or Imu would have actual Devil Devil no Mi, which is anti-thesis of Luffy's Nika God fruit.

Either one works fine with me.


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One thing to note is that the Dragon is identified as the devil. Specifically, a Dragon with many heads wearing crowns:

Oda is clearly inspired by Christianity considering Kuma was holding a bible and Ivanvok was holding a book named "Genesis" last chapter. So Imu can be both a dragon and a devil.


Hopefully not, it would be extremely repetitive and underwhelming.
Luffy already defeated the strongest creature- which was a dragon, by using seemingly a reality- altering powers, so if Imu is indeed going to be the finaly villain, Oda needs to match that with something equally messed up or something even greater than that.
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--Personally I want it to be a mythical version of shadow fruit or night/darkness fruit or nightmare fruit.

--Luffy is sun god who will bring the dawn by erasing the darkness.

--It can also be god fruit or different mythical creature or shape shifter DF to match nika fruit