Is Eren The True Bad Guy? Eren Might Be Going Down The Wrong Path Of "Justice"

Is Eren losing himself?

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Jumping to the beginning of the episode, we witness marleyians being captured by the scouts because of double agents “Yelena” and “Oyankopon”; Fellow tortured souls enslaved by the terrible powers of marley. Throughout the episode they attempt to develop trust with the scouts. And at first, everything seems all cheerful and hopeful for the future. However, that all gets thrown out the window when the eldelians back stab them at the end of the episode.

This doesn’t sound very honorable to me; hell, I would say it sounds like a specific corrupt country we all hate; Marley! After Sasha’s unfortunate death, the tables flip on the marleyians; from receiving love and support transforming into hate and cruelty.

Now I can understand the harsh behavior towards Zeke. He is the cause of the grand massacre of the scouts and altering tons of innocent civilians into titans. However, is trapping him in the middle forest filled with titans truly the just action? Nevertheless, not all scouts are brimming with hostility; Mikasa, Conney, and Armin are all suffering from guilt from their atrocious actions.

And this leads into the most beautiful scenes of the episode with Armin confessing his sins to Annie, pleading for forgiveness. Even as Annie is eternally imprisoned for her crimes, they still treat her as a dear friend. Then we have Mikasa, eren’s closest friend, the one who loves hm the most out of anyone, claim she doesn’t even know him anymore... The message of this episode is simple; nobody is truly “evil”, light and darkness exist on both sides of the spectrum. Everyone is a complicated shade of grey; best case example being the grey protagonist himself, eren Yeager.

Throughout the episode Eren Yeager has displayed a stern cold exterior, concealing himself from his friends. Never wavering off of his dead set path of revenge. He’s one of the few eldelians to not give the marleyians an ounce of trust; in his eyes, they are the true devils that must be purged in the name of justice...

And who is the other hate filled character with a narrow path of revenge? Gabi Braun, the devil child. Both are victims cursed with horrible tragedy by an Unkown force who slaughtered their loved ones. Eren literally experienced the same disaster as Gabi as a child. Now look at what monster he developed into. Now compare him to gabi, literally a child witnessing an incomprehensible tragedy. They are truly two opposite sides of the same coin.
There is no "true" bad guy in this series. Everyone has had their reasons for doing what they've done and while some parties would disagree, it doesn't necessarily make them the bad people.

At the beginning, we all hated Reiner and his team for breaking through the walls and starting the chaos but we eventually come to find out that they didn't know any better. The confrontation between Eren and Reiner 4 years later proves this as Reiner was doing what was drilled into his head since he was a child.

If Eren I'd hesitate to call the bad guy. He's acting on his traumatic impulses and doing everything for the sake of his friends. We'll have to wait and see what happens with him whether he lives or dies but it seems that no one really wants to kill him as they all understand where he's coming from.