Discussion Power Is Luck a Stage 0 Mage ?

This is only my assumptions so take it with the grain of salt but from what I understand:

Stage 1 can fight Stage 0.

Stage 1 and Stage 0 can fight Devil host/Devil's power user ( like DD ) but they can't beat them.

Arcane stage mage can harm Devils with everything coming from his arsenal.

Now the exceptions:

Luck being Stage 1 ( I think it was stated but I'm not sure. Talking about Gaja runes teachings ).

Luck beat Devil's power user which was impossible from his Stage standpoint.

Ceranos = Arcane stage attack.

Yuno is Stage 1.

Spirit Dive attacks = Arcane stage attacks.
I dunno I think if you have arcane stage spells I think you should just be stage 0.

Spirit of Zephyr and Ceranos turn Yuno and Luck into stage 0s.