Powers & Abilities Is Nami's power up just Zeus

Is Zeus enough of a power up for nami

  • Nami is strong enough with just Zeus

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  • Zeus is not enough of a power up for Nami

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  • Don't know yet

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  • Nami doesn't need Zeus and is stong enough as is

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Another Nami thread

I don't think that Zeus is enough of a power up for Nami. Nami can't really fight like Luffy, Sanji and Jinbe so she uses her clima-tact which uses multiple elements. But she can only defeat fodders with it which is dissapointing considering we are in a war against the Beast Pirates with Nami's opponent is probably being Ulti that was weakened by Yamato and Big Mom. From what we have seen Nami has done nothing serious Page one or Ulti in the whole raid (at least not enough to show that she can beat at least 1).

There are only 2 options for Nami imo either she gets the soul soul fruit after Big mom dies to create her own homie. I hope this will happen as Big Mom hasn't been good from the wedding cake to the amnesia then helping the allience its just been terrible. Or Nami steals Big moms homies and uses them if Big Moms amnesia plot comes back.

Zeus will give Nami stronger lightning attacks and have a bit of comical reflief to Sanji rather than the perverted jokes which have become boring.
Prometheus will give better fire attacks and have a bit of comical reflief to Brook same reason as Sanji.
Napoleon's soul will get transferred into the climi-tact to give her stronger wind attacks since a sword doesn't fit Nami. This idea came from the fish man island arc where nami uses "Gust Sword"
Hera is a bit harder since she is a Zeus replacement but maybe Hera will give stronger water based attacks like ice attacks since water vs devils fruits would be broken. Or Hera will have stronger lightning and Zeus will have the water attacks or Hera just dies to be simpler.

This was just a post to see if other people are happy with or without Zeus with Nami.
The only homie nami is getting is Zeus. I think she managed to save Zeus from hera with her clima tact but he’ll be somewhat nerfed. And there’s no way she’s getting a devil fruit
I personally think she needs CoO but I doubt oda will give her that anytime soon