Speculations Is Sanji turning evil?

Regarding chapter 1.077 and Sanji's eyebrows turning to the same side of his sinbling's again, is he going to turn emotionless at least for a while or is it just a mode he can freely change back to his usual self?

What do you guys think and how u feel this plotline gonna go?
I don't know about THAT but the smile he has on display is way too similar to Luffy's. Oda usually starts drawing certain expression more frequently when he about to make a character do something.... That fake ass yamato smile was a dead give away when he was being a taunting asshole in wano, but the nika smile means someone will die.
Makes sense, otherwise why would Oda bring it up in the first place to go no where? And imagine the actual hype to put a serious but temporary Zoro vs Sanji fight to proceed with the Onigashima dialogue?

Seems like gold for him to use that has actual setup.

EDIT: I will take my L for overstimating Oda here, but could really be slick imo and feed the toxic fanboys to all hell