Break Week Is Zoro vs King basically answer to us what would happen if Zoro and Sanji fought for real?


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Zoro vs King and Zoro vs Kaido bear the same difference standing in between an aperitif and an actual substantial dinner and Zoro is hungry.

Sanji doesn't use a sword.

King doesn't have invisibility.

Zoro always fights someone with a sword, but fighting an invisible opponent will be one of his final trials against Shiryu :goyea:
- However, Sanji's Diable Jambe is nothing compared to the powers of King's race.
This was fake bait slipped into spoilers btw, no one in the manga ever compared the power of DJ to king’s fire.
That being said, sanji and king do have similar things they can do but nah, this doesn’t accurately represent Zoro vs Sanji, at least not 1:1