Versus Battle Izuku vs crippled redestro

Izuku can't use 100%, but he can use 45% OFA, blackwhip, and float to the degree he showed in the manga.
redestro has lost his legs and is using his prosthetics

round 1: redestro can only use up to 100%
round 2: redestro can use his suit

overall I feel like izuku could actually win. Redestro was outsped by MLA arc shigaraki, and izuku is much faster than that. Izuku:
  • outsped gran torino, who is one of the fastest characters in the verse, before awakening float
  • was able to grab shigaraki, endeavor, bakugo, and all of the others and bring them high into the sky before shigaraki could touch the ground, shigaraki's hand was only a few inches above the ground.
  • was blitzing awakened shigaraki, who's base stats are comparable to all might, with float+OFA+blackwhip
With float+OFA, izuku could easily dodge redestro's high DC attacks, whereas he could do serious damage to him with 45%

furthermore, with black whip, izuku could likely bring redestro into the sky, allowing him to immobilize redestro, and being able to do damage by dropping him from heights.

The easiest way Izuku could beat redestro is if he simply went for the legs, which we know are redestro's weak point. A 45% kick to the leg or some black whip would probably be enough.

Ultimately, I think Izuku wins round 1 mid-high diff as I don't think Redestro is capable of dealing with izuku's speed and versatility. However round 2 might be different. We've yet to see the full powers of Redestro's suit. I think the suit will actually make redestro far stronger than what we saw in the MLA arc. Redestro is currently fighting edgeshot, who Imo is stronger than current izuku.

I don't know what diff, but I'd give Redestro the win over izuku with his suit.