Should Gojobros apologize to Kinyagi?

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Ignoring the obvious photoshop around 👖’s mouth, how do people think that image makes any sense in any context?

Why would 👖 heal his arms first instead of his midsection?

Why would 👖 randomly be flying in the air instead of fully healing his body first?

Whu would Gege have Kashimo arrive if 👖’s not done yet?
Also why are the buildings identical to the cut ones in 236? With the exact same debris particles.

Gege managed to draw the exact same debris in the air in the same location that’s a crazy coincidence.
If one of you clowns have the spoils don’t make the same cluster fuck as last week AND MAKE A NEW THREAD

I’m go back to bed
It was fun though :gokulaugh:
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Hell, if any leaks would've dropped a day early, it would've been 👖's death.

And that didn't happen.

That alone tells you the leaks are fake.
Just make a 237 pre leaks thread and rename it later?