JJK 253 Spoilers

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Wait so maki was more interesting for sukuna than yuta kashimo etc

We might have a discussion lmao
If you talking about the black flash. I think its similar to Gojo only able to do it once he got cornered in 3 v 1 and was on fumes. Sukana is finally on fumes and desperate enough that he can get to blackflash.

For those people that think they are the strongest they need to be at that point where they are barely hanging on and need to improvise and focus on their technique for them to get to that black flash phase.

So its a testament to how wear down he is rather than a matter of Maki being better than anyone before.


why’s Ven overhyping maki so much?

she got ragdolled that entire fight and lost to one black flash meanwhile Rika Yuji and Yuta all tanked the world slash at point blank range while Sukuna had a higher CE output haha
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