JJK spoiler 255

looks like sukuna has used the world slash only against gojo and kashimo

these were all enhanced dismantles like I HAVE BEEN FUCKIN SAYING

Why would Sukuna use a technique whose only specificity is to counter Gojo's infinity?

Reality slash isn't "stronger" than other slashes, it just bypass Satoru's CT.


Space slash doesn’t only bypass infinity
It bypasses everything
But he'd first have a need to use something that bypasses everything. If he simply dismantles, and that's enough, no need then to go for the overkill. "Bare Minimum" is Sukuna's middle name.
When you think about it, a lot of the human characters are made average builds and some slightly muscular/fit. Manga only Todo and Toji are drawn to be muscle heads. So yeah rare builds for JJK sorcerers