Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 153 Spoilers Thread

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Don’t know about that
Yuta himself said it. Though we'll see. And some posters for the popularity poll also stated the same about Kinji, though they mostly repeated what was said.
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The main point though is that

Gojo>>>>>Gojo's students>15 fingers Sukuna

Full Power Sukuna slides under Gojo and above Gojo's students though.


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I wonder about his attitude towards Yuuji.

At first, I thought that he would like Yuuji for opposing elders but something is off.

If Hakari really felt like that he would've shown up to save Yuuji or something.
he doesnt even know who yuji is iirc. he probably wants nothing to do with jujutsu school and is living live king size - underground fight club, green dollar bills thru fixing and has a big titty goth gf.
To everyone who jumps to the gun too early.

Maki already said that Yuta is only saying this because he is not the person to go around and blab about his power.

The actual chances of Hakari being stronger than Yuta are 50% as of now. The only saving grace for Hakari is that Gojo mentioned him alongside Yuta as his potential successor.

Although remember the entire story and powers of Yuta. I think Hakari might be strong as everyone expects but still cut below Yuta.