General & Others Kaido fight is taking way too long

there is nothing called awakened form. those from Impel down are for sure some weird experiment they are more animals that humans. being Zoan and awaken has just a boost of strength and recovery and that something Kaido already has.
But kaido using awakening can put him in a whole other different league , there ant nothing wrong with adding power on top of power
Wano is my favorite arc so far. I haven't read one piece in 2 years though so catching up and not having to wait chapter by chapter made it enjoyable.

The arc is really good if you read it in it's whole but if you wait agonizing week after week of course it might seem infuriating. That's why if you have the discipline just hold off one piece for a few years and come back to it.
Honestly onigashima is one of the best arc since timeskip. :stealthblack:
But i can't help but feel a bit tired to see Kaido use the same attacks again and again. I hope he shows more than that in the final fight like new attacks or a new form :kata: