General & Others Kaido: "I am Joyboy"

So, this is something I noticed when reading the spoilers, and now that the chapter is out, I figured it'd be an interesting topic of discussion.

I'll just post the quote from my comment in the spoiler thread, as I pretty much summed it up.
Kaido wanting to be Joyboy or being related to Joyboy adds more proof that Oars was Joyboy since thriller bark and Wano have many parallels and Kaido is the Oars of thriller bark and also and large strawhat( shown in Frozen chamber just like oars ) , Ace making a strawhat for Jr Oars , his Zombie code = 900 and void century started from 900 years ago , Oars having Luffy's shadow could imply that Flashback Kaido willl be similar to Luffy , and also explains why Moria gave 10 times more interest and investment in Oars than Ryuuma who is overwanked as the strongest character of all time by a bunch of Zoro fans here .