Powers & Abilities Keeping up with the King of Hell - Sisyphean Task [Luffybros edition]

Is Kaido going to trash Luffy again?

  • Of course he will.

  • No, look at the damaji Luffy is doing!!!

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Kaido fought multiple rounds against different people, eating damage without rest while constantly lifting an island, meanwhile Luffy took a rest, ate and came back stronger. And even then Luffy is close to his limit.

Zoro did a good job against Kaido even before King of Hell, then proceeded to obliterate King with his crazy durability, a fight that was far from close as soon as King of Hell came out.

Saying Luffy is tiers above Zoro is not justified.

since Nik did a Zoro wank thread it's the time for mine :denzimote:
If Luffy loses to Kaido AGAIN after all the shit his sycophants have been talking, I am going to lose my shit. I mean he would have to be approaching some sort of record of most asswhoopings by a villain in a shōnen arc at that point, right?
If he loses in this rd after his stans says hes so called Yonko lvl

That meme of nik will do them forever

Im worried for his fanboys and gals
Right off the bat, this is a Zoro wank thread, strictly factual!

This is my second to last Zoro wank thread in Wano, the last one coming after the arc wraps up. Looking forward to it.
It doesn't take much for Luffybros and the entire fandom to go nuts and forget how crazy powerful Zoro is. Recency bias is strong in this one...
Telling Luffybros that their hype train is unjustified makes me feel like Moe-chan who made it his life's mission to balance out Zoro's "overhype"...
But unlike in Moe-chan's case, my preaching bore fruit while Moe-chan's had the opposite result. Either way, feels like:

Anyway, back to the King of Hell and the fool's errand that is the effort of trying to keep up with Zoro. It is simply impossible and you are about to see why.
Usually, it is Sanji fandom that wishes their favorite to be like Zoro but when you look closer, Luffybros are guilty of it more than Sanjibros.
Whatever Zoro has achieved, they have automatically attached it to their boy despite being proven wrong countless times.
And since Luffy's fights are always scheduled after Zoro's fights, recency bias kicks in and as soon as their favorite takes a breath, they lose it...

Luffybros, how do you expect to keep up with someone as ridiculously powerful as Zoro who holds the best feats in the world?
How can you expect the most ineffective fighter(Luffy) in the world to be comparable to the most effective fighter(Zoro)?
We have all seen how Luffy performs in post-TS. Whether it is Hody Jones, Fujitora, Yonko commanders, Yonkos themselves, Zoro clowns Luffy's performance.
Zoro neg diffed Hody in his element, underwater, while Luffy almost died trying to beat him inside air bubble on Noah where Hody isnt in his element...
Against Fujitora, Zoro had equal portrayal on 2 separate occasions and took over after Fujitora negged Luffy with first named attack...

Against Yonko commanders, Luffy humiliated himself by being unable to score a convincing victory after 11 hours of fight despite having help in both fights.
Cracker completely neutralized everything he had to offer and without Nami and Seducing Woods, Luffy would have died... Nami had to soften the biscuits so Luffy can eat them and Cracker had to jump into his stomach to be sent flying otherwise Luffy accomplished nothing, not even a single hit landed on Cracker...
That Luffy was considered stronger than Zoro by Luffybros.

Then comes Katakuri where Luffy again needs 11 hours of fighting and help from Katakuri himself as well as Brulee who saves him in the most critical moment of the fight except the one where Katakuri decided to stab himself to help Luffy... Katakuri also had to leave the fight once for a donut break so Luffy could stay alive while buried under mochi, instead of staying there and skewering him with a trident while he cannot move... The fight ends with Luffy collapsing first and then waking up to Katakuri deciding to fall because during the fight, Luffy won him over to his side and Katakuri became a cheerleader...

Luffybros on the hype train, flying higher than ever, claiming their boy is now untouchable and that he surpassed the commanders, Wano arrives and a wake-up call happens. Kaido neg diffs Luffy's consciousness and all the hype out of the train that Luffybros boarded. The great depression sets in. Luffybros looking for crumbs to put their ego back together, ride the hype of Udon training and ID CoA, saying the same thing their favorite says - Just you wait Kaido... Their eyes set on Kaido, once again claiming that Zoro is nothing compared to Luffy...

The unthinkable happens! Zoro arrived at the rooftop!!! Luffybros felt uneasiness because the stupid Zorotards were right, Zoro will fight Kaido! However, they still have hope because Killer, Kidd and Law are there too and "Luffy is so much better than them" so he is better than Zoro as well. Or so they thought... The peak of desperation kicks in when Luffy ran out of haki during a fruitless effort against Kaido in his strongest gear and Zoro had to cut Kaido up to get Luffy out of Kaido's jaws... Crying and blaming Oda, not believing what their eyes see, that a mere underling is besting Kaido at every encounter they have and remembering Luffy's first encounter with Kaido that brought them down out of the clouds...

How do you plan to compete with a warrior while you stan a survivor? Luffy doesnt have the greatest warrior soul, Zoro does. Luffy is not a good combatant, Zoro is. Every Strawhat member is the best at their job in the whole world so Luffy cannot be better than Zoro at Zoro's job - fighting. In childhood, Luffy was trying to survive in the jungle while Zoro was fighting grown up swordsmen. During time skip, Luffy again is doodling around in a jungle while Zoro is facing one of the two World's Strongest people. Luffybros conclude that Luffy is stronger, over and over, despite all the failures that keep happening right in front of their eyes...

Luffy is not the one who brought the national treasure Shusui back into Wano, symbolizing the end of dark days. Zoro did. Hyogoro and Kawamatsu didnt say that it must be fate that Luffy is one-eyed Samurai just like their Sword God. They said it about Zoro. The mighty samurai stronger than Oden is not Luffy, it is Zoro. All the plot points in Wano dont revolve around Luffy, they revolve around Zoro. Luffy cant become a sword god, Zoro can. Luffy cant forge a black blade, Zoro can.

Zoro negs Hody, Luffy struggles with Hody after Zoro negged him:
Zoro standing on equal ground with Fujitora while Fujitora negs Luffy:
Zoro's overwhelming victory vs commander while Luffy fails to acheive the same, twice, vs far weaker commanders:
How Zoro's first encounter with Kaido ends compared to how Luffy's first, second, third and fourth encounter ended:
How the warrior faces Hakai compared to how survivor faces Hakai:

If Zoro clowns Luffy at facing Hody, facing Fujitora, facing commanders, facing Kaido and facing Hakai on top of everything else, how can you still be delusional that Luffy is better than Zoro at anything, at any point in time? I know Luffybros are clueless when it comes OP combat but I dont know how yall manage to pull that off for years and years...

What delusional Luffybros do since chapter 923:
Look at the damaji he is doing!!!

Look at the damaji he is doing!!!

Look at the damaji he is doing!!!

Look at the damaji he is doing!!!

Look at the damaji he is doing!!!

Look at the damaji he is doing!!!

How many times have y'all been clowned during Wano alone for riding empty hype? 4-5 times already? And you still didnt learn? Are you capable of learning?
How much water has to flow by for you to understand something as basic as there is no competing with Zoro?

Making ridiculous claims as base Luffy equal to Kaido, base Luffy is top tier, Luffy this, Luffy that, only ends up backfiring because none of those claims have the slightest amount of logic in them. If base Luffy is all that you claim, why will he need gears? You keep digging your own grave... If he is stronger than Kaido in G4, why will he need Awakening? Why will he need any of the future power-ups if what you claim is true? Maybe because what you claim isnt true? Maybe because Luffy is still not a top tier with everything that he has? Maybe because even with future power-ups he will still struggle with top tiers who are weaker than Kaido, without 15 people helping him as they did against Kaido?

Riding the hype of sky split? Another gravedigger. What about all his hits after that which didnt split the sky?
Riding the hype of knocking Kaido off of his feet? Another gravedigger. What about all the hits that didnt knock him off of his feet?
Have you asked yourselves why is Kaido standing up from everything that Luffy throws at him?
Have you wondered what is the thing that he wont stand up from?

How do you picture the failure of a combatant that is Luffy to compete with the monster that is Zoro?
How do you beat the performance that is cutting through a large magma dragon, a Hardened sword and a Lunarian who is buffed by an Ancient Zoan, all at the same time while blitzing him from a large distance, in mid-air of all things and all of that under 15 freaking minutes? :crazwhat:
What does it take for you to understand that all those hits that Luffy delivered to Kaido, combined, will be beaten by one slash from Zoro?
Why does it take so little for you all to go delusional?

You picked the wrong guy to bet against, especially in this arc, never forget that.
The days of joking around are over, you are chasing Zoro's feats and you will never catch up! :cheers:
Wont stop you from going delusional again when 2x hits Zoro or when Luffy goes G4 and you once again say the same:

The last Zoro wank thread, in the Wano edition, will be a summary and far longer than this one, prepare yourselves!


Zoro is the official standard bearer of the story. So much even that Pirate Jesus FC keeps downplaying his feats for the sake of their boi, because they know deep down their boi has to live up to the standards set by The Grandmaster to qualify as legit. :myman: