Speculations King can possibly return in the final war

Will King appear again in the story?

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King has a pretty interesting background.
He's a Lunarian, an ancient race erased by the WG, and King specifically had been waiting for Joy Boy's return

"If Joy Boy is the same man that you're waiting for, King...then I know who he is"

Now I think that he can appear in the final war as an ally against the WG, also given that Lunarian's history has to be explored yet
I didn't know what to vote, because I think, and hope, he will appear in a cover story and then have a role as an ally in the final war.
There's a reason he's waiting for Joy Boy. A reason we don't know yet, but obviously it's something important to him. So I really hope we will see him again because most of his story is yet untold.
That would be great i wanted a nice moment between King and Zoro during their fight which never happened. Seeing them reunited fight together would make me happy and learn more about Lunarian reasons they were wiped out. What their history is with Joy Boy, King remains very interesting character


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Yeah, it seems it is not Kaido who is waiting for Joyboy, it has been King the whole time.
He is looking for the one who can change the world and he simply believed that it was Kaido.

Considering that Joyboy is here and King didnt interact with him, it is interesting to see what happens there.
Also, King respects strength and I would love to see his reaction to the one who trimmed his wings killing Kaido.

Whether he returns at some point or not, cant tell. I would like it.
However, I dont think he is the last Lunarian around.