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Attacks Kaido has tanked this arc
- Post WCI Luffy's Elephant Gatling
- Post WCI Luffy's Kong Organ
- Pierced through the hand by Kiku
- A cut in the stomach by Ashura, Kinemon, and Denjiro
- Smashed into the ground by all 9 scabbards
- Cut in the mouth by Kin'emon
- Nekomamushi's Crimson Cat Dance
- Kawamatsu´s River of Sea
- Inuarashi´s Canine Scourge
- Okiku´s Fallen Snow Scythes
- Izo's Slicing Rounds
- His own Boro Breath (courtesy of Raizo)
- Paradise Totsuga (a group attack of Kinemon, Denjiro, Ashura, and Inuarashi)
- A cut by Denjiro in the side
- Luffy's G3 Red Roc
- Zoro's Purgatory Onigiri
- Killer´s Decapitation Claw
- Luffy G4 Kong gun
- Kidd's Punk Vise
- Law's Tact
And after all that this is how he looks what a chad:kaimoji:

General Duke Hyuo

Check the score, we up on the board
Not really but some people hate him Just because of him being the WSC and pirate thats why you see them downplay or laugh at him when something bad happens but they keep their mouth shut when he does something incredible or low diffing the scabbards who have advanced haki in base form :kaimoji:
I was furious when Reddit-tards were laughing at Kaido for eating Scabbard hits. And then in two chapters he baby shaked all of them. And then they went quiet.

No one likes to put respect on the King of all the creatures, Hundred Beats Kaido