Character Discussion King the Wildfire

King is really a character who is something special for me.

He could have been the strongest swordsman that Zoro would have faced for his dream to become WSS.

King has everything :
- Rank : Being the strongest after Kaido the WSC, the right hand who handle everything when his captain is not there.
- Power : Having the name of King in a crew which is based on strength. Kaido wants only the most powerful. A Zoan who could fly with fire ability but also a swordsman make definitely King something else.
- Fame : Confirmed to have a bounty superior to 1.32 billion. Way more than Katakuri and Jack, it's really a big deal.
- Special : We all know Oda gives a special touch for all RH. Something that make them special, King being from an erased race, having that awesome design and the burning fire behind him is dope, even received an invitation by Big Mom herself. The parallel with others FM especially Marco exists.

So King would have been the greatest fight for Zoro, a hard and balanced one. But looks like Oda has a bigger dream for Zoro. Of course killing Kaido, is something Zoro requires in his WSS CV but i think if Oda actually gave King more space, screentime like he did with Queen and Jack and let him face Zoro, he would have stolen the show. Let's see what Oda wants to do with him, but as the next one after the strongest of all creature, King deserves all credits and it's not because he is not gonna fight Luffy or Zoro, that everyone need to shit on him. People just saw Marco doing some moves and serious attack and they already claim that it's over. As usual i would say.

But I don't even know what he did for being hated, honestly lol ... but i have an idea^^
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For now:
- King is a good observer and an efficent tactician who thinks and acts on his feet
- Even in a hierarchy based on strenght, which means full of inner battles to step above (his interaction with Who's Who and Sasaki are an example) he manages to hold his position firmly and acts as a consigliere to Kaido
- He has a cool mind and good leadership which makes him let the inner beefs aside and take control of the situation, giving the necessaries informations and instructions to solve the problem at his core (killing Momonosuke)

- What he's lacking tho are combat skills

I know that he'll show more for sure, but for now he's lacking in the fighting department. At least when it comes to the expectations for his rank
Cool design, I wanna know more about him but Oda doesn't give him screentime sadly. I feel like I know knothing about him, his personality, likes dislikes etc.

I don't think he's that much weaker than Marco(if at all), Oda should stop restricting the hybrid form. It's a bizarre trend in the Beast pirates with Jack, Queen, Kaido and King just refusing to use their hybrids even when logically needed.
Best Beast Pirate. One of the coolest designs post timeskip and he seems very competent. I love how he can see the bigger picture and realise that Momo is the only important matter within the entire war. Thus he must be the number 1 priority for victory.