Kingdom - Chapter 657: The Meaning of Liberation

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Mmm. Weird chapter. Maybe the translation wasn't that great?

I'm not sure I understand where we stand in fight between Moubu and Man'U. :choppawhat:

Also felt like the arc was coming to a quick close with both armies reaching the enemy's HQ and then a whole new front opens up in the last page.

We need the next chapter asap.
Standard Kingdom chapter for me. The part where Moubu sees SHK and crushes Man'U was really awesome. I highly doubt that Man'U is out though. Him openly calling himself weaker than Kanmei is a thing of interest. It's not like him to trigger his opponents and take advantage of it. Maybe he is indeed weaker.

Its funny seeing the two army have a casual chat in the middle of a war.
SentoUn is getting boring for me. We get that he is too OP but it's time he focuses on something serious instead of just running wild.
Looks like Wei did bring more men with them. With the reputation of Juuko being such a fortified station and the possibility of Chu sending the backup, Go Hou Mei did think ahead of everything. I wonder who is leading charge of the Seige though..??
I think Wei generals & Rokuomi vs Sentoun is becoming one of my favorite personal bouts/fights so far in the series, simply due to the insanity of Sentoun just fighting everyone. Wonder if Junei will fight with Genu now. Moubu vs Manu is so far living up to the hype.
I'm suspecting we're going to see yet another "Not Chu" commander at Juuko, simply because having 5000 men there alone was "more than adequate" of defending it, so there should still be one big dog left
Yeah, I was really worried about this...I don’t know if it’s the translation, or the dialogue is being vague on purpose, but I’m really not even sure what is going on with Moubu and Man’U. Best to just read between the lines for now I guess.

@Owl Ki i remember we talked about this in Discord one time, but I never thought Moubu was stronger than Kanmei lol. I thought his drive/ambition was greater, which is why he won, but Kanmei definitely seemed to me to be the stronger of the two. Moubu had to amp himself up just to compete with a Kanmei who was more genuinely shocked at Moubu’s resolve than he was amped himself. At least this is what I gathered from it, and this is the second chapter in a row now where Man’U seems to be outright convinced that Moubu is weaker than Kanmei. Last chapter he outright said “Kanmei was stronger than you but you defeated him anyway,” and this chapter he called himself weaker than Kanmei after forcing Moubu off of his steed.

I think from here is where we may get insight into the childhoods of Shouheikun and Moubu, maybe we’ll even get to see some stories of Shouheikun as a General, that would be humongous hype lol.

Anyway, the rest of this chapter was good, again I’m not sure if it’s the translators or what but I wish it was clear exactly what was happening on this fight.
Damn this is great Kanmei hype. Man'U basically confirming that they both are weaker than Kanmei on an average, so Moubu just outperformed on the coalition because of the stake at risk.

Sentou'un is starting to get annoying. Dude ain't Houken, he should chill out. I want Gohoumei to show him the true terror of a strategical beast
Man'U basically confirming that they both are weaker than Kanmei on an average
Did he really confirm that? I am not so sure. In fact every dialogue after that points at Man'U > Kanmei.:zorothink:

Even if that fits my powerscaling I wouldn't draw any conclusion yet. Better wait for the fight to be over. The translation for this chapter was all fucked up imho. Plus Hara is playing with the weight thing right now.

BTW, one thing I noticed rereading is that Wei's brought at least 13 siege towers. A lot. I'd say that's definitely a brand new army. Maybe that smug strategist we saw a few chapters ago is in charge?

Zoro D Goat

ℨ𝔥𝔞𝔬'𝔰 𝔊𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔱 ℌ𝔢𝔞𝔳𝔢𝔫𝔰!👑
Sentoun be like:steef::steef:

And now he's advancing boys!!!!!:finally::finally:

I knew my boy Moubu gonna stand up and land a hit on Man'U as I expected:myman:Overall, great chapter :cheers: