Kingdom - Chapter 661: Advantageous

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Lazy is the way
My man Tou always in charge !

He is respectful but doesn't change the fact he will destroy you.

Hou Mei vs Tou will be great when the time will come.

interesting info about Riboku.

Karin and Man U conversation will be fun. Karin will be surprised and good luck to kill the Man even if you find him boring.
Karin sure has something in her mind regarding Man'U and co.. Let's hope she can rekindle his fire so he can become the Beast he is meant to be. But if she wants to cut him, good luck with that. I'm looking forward to what kinda discussion will they have.
Ryuhaan sure is too cocky for a guy whose life was spared due to Tou's unstoppable offense and Sentoun having to fall back.
That word play of Tou and GHM is what Kingdom is all about. I can just go for 10 consecutive chapter for such conversation only.
So we 're back to Zhao invasion i guess.

Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

Conjuration ov Sleep Daemons
Oh Houmei. Lmfao

I get that this man has all the faith in the world in Riboku, but my man is greatly underestimating the colossal stupidity of the Zhao Court. Lol

Great chapter. Really got me hyped to see the eventual Qin/Wei climax, which is sure to be amazing seeing as how Wei is probably the state that the Qin have fought the most since the manga began.
What is up with Ran bi haku lmao?
Tou cut his wrist one time and the guy can't let it go
He is thirsty for Tou's blood but no worries Tou will also be waiting for the day he gets to cut that thick neck :cheers:
But that little thing aside Ryuhan X i mean vs Rokumi is what i'm waiting for:funky:
And Tou's greatness doesn't end
Putting the arrogant Wei who were talikng about taking parts of Chu in their place and telling them they will barely get some land around the castle while Xin will conquer an entire state was fun
Go houmei having trust in Riboku is cool to see but sadly he doesn't know anything about the lurking legend of Xin the kingslayer himself Heki who is waiting to get a shot at Riboku :beckmoji:
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First you disrespecting Boa Hancock and now it's Karin?:crazwhat:
I don't really like bitches :kayneshrug:
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