Kingdom - Chapter 674: Invitation to a Harsh Terrain

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Both Rei and Kai looked so adorable in this panel.

Shin getting jealous over Ouhon having a wife and kid was funny. Mouten trolling him over by saying he has a fiancee too was just over the top.:milaugh:
The battle seems to be more intense than anyone had predicted. Zhao's defense sure is something. I wonder where they are pulling out all these soldiers from..If they are pulling soldiers from borders to other state, wouldn't that make them vulnerable to that state..?? Or do Zhao has an infinite supply of soldiers from somewhere else..??:choppawhat:
Kanki, you sick sadistic f*ck. I like him though..:wellwell:

Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

The Pharaoh Sails To Orion
The highlight of the chapter was finding out that Hon Sama had a baby recently for me lol. Like I said in the spoilers.

But damn, looks like we’re about to get wrapped up in Kanki’s brutal offensive. Literally Kanki is the last Great General I’d want to be called to support. Hopefully we’ll switch to Ouhon for a bit, now is a great time to elaborate on his motivation a bit more, to see how his child will push him to survive a brutal battlefield like Eikyuu.

Hyped for next chapter.
Anyone else notice that Hara places much more emphasis on romance than he used to.
Well yeah, the main cast grew up and are at that sweet spot of age to look for a mate, hence why Haru had Kyoukai confess her feeling for Shin, made Mouten into a fox and boom Ouhon is a father.

I can't wait to see Ou hon displaying thoughts that I can't die tonight, I have a child and a wife to support. And no, he won't get those death flags. Hype for the next upcoming chapters.