Kingdom - Chapter 685: Hour of Reckoning

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Gakuhaku looks like more than just a talk and a muscle head. He might be a watered down HoukenXBannaji.
It was good to see Shin's soldier not letting Gaku talk shit to their Captain. They have a tough battle ahead for them though. Those spear-heads were looking scary unless they turn out to be like Wei's soldiers in Jukk'Ou. However, I can already see enraged Rei coming back up and decimate them Kyou'Kai style. lol
Raido does have balls of steel. He is unfazed and is even giving those cold eyes to KoChou.
Hype for the next chapter..:moonwalk:

Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

Conjuration ov Sleep Daemons
I think Hara may have gone too far with this character’s power level lmfao. Something to note, Gaku Haku Kou is not just a giant mongoloid with absurd brute strength:

This **** was also teleporting around the battlefield, almost quite literally:

Not only did Rei say he was using some strange martial arts, but Shin’s man here says that Gakuhaku Kou is vanishing across the battlefield:

Nobody even notices him in hiding here accept for Shin:

So like, what the fuck lmfao. This guy is hilariously powerful. He’s like Kyoukai and Kanmei had a baby. And then that baby got picked up by a Great General with the epithet of “deity”.

@Owl Ki we now know why Gakuhaku doesn’t need a horse, it’s so he can Soru all over the battlefield lmfao.

I think the explanation for how he’s able to vanish like this, is kinda like how in Assassin’s Creed you can blend with crowds or sit on benches to escape guard pursuits. Gakuhaku Kou sends horses flying through the air, and while the enemy unit is focusing on the carnage, he slips down low and sneaks past his enemy’s line of sight. Like he’s “hiding in plain sight”, which is absolutely hilarious for a guy this humongous lol.

Or, you know, like Rei said, my guy is the next Bushin using the Ton Tan dance or some shit lol.

Either way, this is a scarily strong introduction to Kochou. Gakuhaku Kou may be the strongest Great General subordinate we’ve ever seen in terms of just straight up combat ability, but he also says he’s studied tactics for years as well, and his vanishing technique makes him even more dangerous.

Did Hara go too far with this character from a world building perspective? Does it make sense for Kochou to have a subordinate General this strong? I don’t even care, I love it for the time being lmfao. The Zhao have always had ridiculously powerful commanders so I’m fine with this depending on how far Hara takes it.

Anyway, great way for Hara to show off Kochou’s strength after so easily dispatching his first aid. No idea where this encounter is going tbh.

I loved this chapter, 10/10