Kingdom - Chapter 712: The Miraculous Advance

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Whoever put the "Riboku >>>" tag above the thread deserves a W. Jk, I know it's you @TheKnightOfTheSea since you're the only Kingdom fan other than me with the privilege of VIP.:kata:

And the city's name is literally called "Sekirei" Lmao. That's also the name of a certain anime that I watched back in the day.:usoprice:
Even mighty Generals abondon city & ran away hearing our Heki boi name. 6th GG:myman:
Did my boi Heki just take a city without losing a single soldier? Not even a 6th great can do that
He should replace SHK

Hara knew.:joker::crazwhat:
Don;t forget the ritual dance..:cheers:
That was basically a cover used by Hara to fool fans, a means to keep the real threat of Heki to his enemies a secret. In all honesty Riboku information network and intellect skills are so good he predicted it would be Heki not Kanki that would be tasked with taking the city, that scared the shit out of him and everyone present there. The only wise choice they had was to save everyone while they could. Heki is a GG that fools his enemies, allies and fans all the same.