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@MarineHQ @SakazOuki what has to happen between Shibashou/Akou/SouOu for you guys to call Shibashou a fraud? Lol
Any sign of struggling with both guys attacking him simultaneously and this MF is getting his shit rocked by Houken.

If they exchange and block a couple casual swings with Akou and Sou’Ou hanging on with all they've got I'm fine with it.

I assume once SBS finds out that Ji Aga got bodied he goes serious.

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
There’s nothing more in-character for Akou to do now than die protecting Ousen
I’m no longer conflicted on this, I’m ready for Gigakou’s last stand against the Seika beast
Let Akou live. Lol

And I think the reason Hara is keeping Sou Ou alive is that he and Shiryou can die together tbh. There’s a reason she hasn’t died yet, I think she and Sou Ou will be so wounded but they’ll somehow reunite before the battle’s end and die hand in hand.

Let Akou just take a similar defeat that he took against Bananji and Gyou’Un. Akou is too hard to die. Lol