Fanclub Kizaru saves his friends and finally follows his own dreams Fanclub

I see the Carrot FC has inspired people to make their own meme FC's :watchout:

I'm impressed :handsup:
We simply wish the best for Kizaru. The old admiral agenda had tunnel vision on Kizaru vs Luffy. We care more about Kizaru's wellbeing.

One Piece is about friendship and joy. Does it really look like the kind of manga where Kizaru would either kill his friends or allow Saturn to kill them?

#Kizaru4Nakama is the only way to save Kizaru. Join us!
Meme clubs are best clu-

Hold on, don't you believe that Kizaru has a chance to join? He is alive, so he already has 1 point judging by Nakama thread leading theorists! Just you wait for his glowing friendship activity!
Yellow Monkey D. Kizaru has a much much better chance to join than that overgrown rabbit plushie.

Trust Oda's crotch foreshadowing, it doesn't lie!
Y'know what? I want in on this here club! :myman:
The dream is alive and is guaranteed to stay alive for the duration of the flashbacks!

Judging by the most recent chapter 1096, which portrays the themes of rebelling against slavery and the oppressive WG that treats people like animals for hunting, it's clear Kizaru rebelling fits in with that very theme.

Next chapter I am guessing will also be a flashback and we might get to see how Kizaru and Kuma know of each other and any discussions they might have had. Quite certain now of this as we continue to follow with Kuma's life, it will obviously show us his role in the marines in much greater detail.