[FNZ] Turbo game Knight-Errant: Reduced Version (Completed Game Thread: JOAT Serial Killer wins)

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You seem to good of a player to sheep a player like me :pepecafe:

If you flip scum I blame myself for not being convincing enough to have town kill you last DP.
you're the only one confirmed for me and I'm reading cal as town but I don't like Tris/Knight that much. If mango had flipped scum, I would've cleared tris. Now it just seemed meh


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Vote count

ripped - TAC
udel - TAC
TAC - ripped
midnight - udell > unvote
kvothe - TAC
Tris - TAC
knight - TAC
beta - udell

TAC - 5
udell - 1
ripped - 1
Tris/Cal or Cal/Udell.

tris has done duck all but put votes up. Cal, I’ve said my piece already and after I did he pushed me back instead of trying to clear himself
I don't have to clear myself for not being involved in two town mislynches. What kind of crap is this lol.

Also I am leading the wagon on you so if you actually are town which I somehow doubt you'd be making a case against me based on SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOT TO BE TRUE.
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