[FNZ] Turbo game Knight-Errant: Reduced Version (Completed Game Thread: JOAT Serial Killer wins)

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OK Udell and Cal are serial killer/mafia. I'm the town roleblocker. First round I blocked Midnight, second I blocked TAC and third I blocked Midnight again.

Tris wanted to kill TAC and Tris was mafia.

Vote Udell next round.
I am mason mate you need to pay attention. There are only two in the game and one is dead. Why do you think me and Pein always voted for the same person. Use your bloody head.


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vote count
12 minutes left!

udell - ripped
midnight - ripped
ripped - udell > unvote
knight - ripped
TAC - ripped
ripped - TAC

ripped: 4
TAC: 1
Usopp you still haven't told me who I tunnelled which is the entire basis for this wagon on me which is going to end badly.

You should be more responsible with your vote, please tell town why they're voting for me so they have something to look at when I flip town
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