Turbo game Knight Errant Turbo

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Good game though

I was always going to win final 3 anyway @Nana because at f5 I can just unvote if my scummate votes me, so even if I missed the deadline I'd just argue it made me confirmed town

your best bet was to stick on kiwi, splitting votes kills town this setup

well caught though
It is bc if u are alive we will lose 100% i would rather get u first then deal with kiwi

I am not good or cunning like u :josad:


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Maybe if u actually read my first post this phase smh...

Congrats to mafia!

Would love to play with scum ratchet as mate in the future :catsweat:
u mean, if i didnt read them xD
wp tho ur reads were on point from ur PoV
i'll try to read u better next time
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