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So who betrayed Mihawk? Is he a related to Imu, the celestial Dragons with Shanks being a D or is it the other way around, Shanks' a CD and Mihawk is a D? :pepehawk:
If you subscribe to the ‘Ray and Shakky are Mihawk’s parents’ theory, it could be referring to them. I can’t see either of them being particularly nurturing or loving caregivers, particularly if Ray ran off with Roger and left his kid alone.

I don’t think it’s Shanks seeing how Mihawk seems willing to party with him from time to time. It’s never even been hinted that Mihawk was ever part of an organisation or crew before either. Whatever it is, I’m pretty hyped for Mihawk’s backstory :lunazing:
So who betrayed Mihawk? Is he a related to Imu, the celestial Dragons with Shanks being a D or is it the other way around, Shanks' a CD and Mihawk is a D? :pepehawk:
This is all headcanon, but... I'm a subscriber to the Ray/Shakky parents theory. I think he spent his childhood in the bar on Sabaody, then left to train when he was in his early teens. Growing up in the bar in the lawless area would've given him plenty of reason to learn to be suspicious of people. He's very observant and I'm sure he had a target on his back from a young age, both due to his parents and due to his amazing skills + confidence.

He may not trust people because he's afraid of outing his parents. Kizaru said he'd heard Ray was hanging out on Sabaody and Shakky has a giant fucking bar with her name on it, so they're not hiding that well. Still, Mihawk may have wanted to keep his parentage a secret to keep them safe or just to make his own name so that people didn't associate him with Rayleigh.

I'm on the fence about the D/CD/royalty issue. I could see it happening and Oda revealing that Mihawk is secretly connected to a lot of important ppl. It would make sense. Remember the bracelet theory? :milaugh:

I think I just prefer to think of him as a lone gunslinger warrior-poet type, kind of a Yojimbo vibe.
This panel has always reminded me of Nosferatu. It's probably just Oda's inconsistency, but he seriously looks like a monster in this one.

I was reminded of it in 1058, too.

He's hunched over, slightly menacing, mouth open, head forward-- he's kind of a ghoul sometimes.

But that's not all!

Nosferatu is about a man who goes to meet Count Orlok in the "land of thieves and ghosts" because he thinks the Count wants to buy a property. On the way, he meets a random old man who tells him, "Do not hurry, my young friend! Nobody can escape his destiny."

In the movie, the protagonist, Thomas Hutter, goes to an inn and casually mentions that he’s going to Count Orlok’s castle. This is a great parallel with what happened at the Baratie.

So Hutter is walking to the castle when suddenly, a strange carriage comes and offers to bring him the rest of the way. It's actually Count Orlok driving the carriage, but we don't know that yet. Anyway, the carriage and the horses are all draped in black, almost like they're mourning something...

And so he leads him to the castle

And check out the chairs at Nosferatu's house!

So anyway, Count Orlok/Nosferatu decided to buy the house Hutter came to sell him. And guess how he travels to his new house? In a coffin, on a boat.

Meanwhile, Hutter's wife Ellen sits and waits for him on a beach full of graves

So Nosferatu sails into Hutter's hometown after he kills everybody on the ship.

Hutter and Ellen reunite, and Nosferatu shows up at his new house in a tiny boat, carrying his coffin.

I won't spoil the ending of this 100 year-old movie, but I don't think any of the rest of it really matches Mihawk anyway. I plan on doing a Bela Lugosi Dracula post as well, since Mihawk fits that theme a bit better than Nosferatu, but I've always thought that parts of this movie really get the creepy, ghoulish vampire side of Mihawk.