Questions & Mysteries Law’s future post Wano?

Hi guys, it’s been forever since I last made a thread!!

As the title says where do you guys think Law’s story is heading out after this arc? Is he gonna travel along side the SHs for a bit more? Is he gonna search for the meaning of the D by himself? I personally think he is gonna on his own separate way, but what does that mean for his relevance in the story post Wano? Are we really not going see it the final war or something? Please share your thoughts
I agree with you. I think Law and Luffy will go their separate ways after Wano ends.

The whole point of the alliance was to take an emperor of the sea down and they will have accomplished that objective.

They’ll probably separate on good terms and give eathother vivre cards. We’ll likely see him again during the final war.
I hope...that Law joins Strawhat Crew while still being Heart Pirates Captain lol. So only Law serves as a part of SHs, his crew is a separate group from SHs

I find their chemistry compatible imo...and its mainly since i like Law so much, even more than i like Luffy as a char lol


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He will perhaps join the Grand Fleet but I see low chances.

I feel he will presumably take part to the Final War as an ally if Luffy calls