General & Others Luffy got 1.5 b after he beat Kata. Zoro got 1.1 b after he beat King. Levels. Morgan has nothing to do with Luffy 1.5 B bounty

Luffy got 1.5 billion for tons of stuff like the assassination attempt, beating Cracker, beating Katakuri and escaping safely.

Zoro got 1.1 billion for beating King and I suppose being under Luffy but it doesn't say anything about the quality of their opponents.

I enjoyed both King and Katakuri and even strength-wise, they were both incredibly powerful and intimidating, they simply specialised in different things. I don't see the point in using bounty to try and hype one over the other. Kata had +1 billion and was seen as invincible, King had 1.39 billion and was Kaido's right-hand man. They were both fine.
Yes alt-kun, Captains get far more for doing far less. Realistically Zoro's bounty would be around 4B, BB got 1.7B for doing nothing. That's how overrated the bounties are.
Wait till people find out that Morgans doesn't give out bounties, and he only prints what the World Government places on a persons head, prior to the article being written.... Their minds will explode....