Speculations Luffy is destroyer of World

We know that from Doff.
D is known as a gods enemies.

D likely stands for Devil that was put by "Gods" a long time ago. And when we check Doffy explanation about will of D , we assumed related to Devil.

And we have already known one hint about Luffy destroyer thing. One day Fishman Island will be destroyed by Luffy.

Who is the Luffy's right and left hand. Sanji and Zoro.

Zoro best attack name Ashura who is known fearsome demon gods with multiple faces and arms in Japan mythology . (demon)
Sanji best attack name Diable Jamble referred to devil.

Zoro and Sanji represent face of devil in this context , real devil is their captain.

During the series , Luffy has never said he is good guy.

Yes , destroying thing can be good or bad in terms of the situation.

But , I guess we will witness Luffy and his crew destroy everything to save something.

Because , every ambition cost something . End of the day, Luffys real goal is not helping people , to become pirate king.


Luffy's real dream is still not known since Oda doesn't want to reveal it yet but it something that makes peple laugh when they hear it. you could say it a suitable dream for Joyboy.