Make me a mod/Support Playa4321 to became a Admin

For reference, here's how we operate:

@Bogard: Favors Luffy in arguments vs favors none while moderating.
@Jiihad: Team Zoro in arguments vs. gives no fucks while moderating.
@Uncle Van : Give no shits about Zoro vs. don't care about teams while moderating.
@Garp the Fist: Team Zoro in arguments vs. doesn't care about moderation altogether.
@Natalija: Team Law, and doesn't care about Zoro arguments vs only cares about bitchslapping not so cure users.
@Kiwipom: Doesn't care either way.
@TAC: Irrelevant
@AL sama: Team anti-Zoro vs. StrictAL
@RayanOO: Pro-anti-Zoro vs. slightly biased against Z boys.
@Doggo: Anti-Zoro vs. never biased in moderation.
@Playa4321: Not anti-Zoro and not a team Zoro either vs not biased against anyone.
@Pantheos: Team anti-Zoro and doesn't care about teams in moderation.
@Gol D. Roger: Team Zoro vs. responsible for most Zoro fan bans and gets blamed every other week for letting obnoxious Sanji bros back into the forum every other month.
Why am I irrelevant while every other mod gets a nice description