Versus Battle Mihawk vs Byakuya (Bleach)

Bullet fought equally with Prime Rayleigh. Crocodile and Bullet did the same.
Bullet was said to be equal to Prime Rayleigh, they never fought Bullet actually fought Roger.

But Crocodile and Bullet had a tiny clash not an all out fight lol
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Oda also supervised Strong World, the nonsensical movie where pre TS Luffy defeated Shiki
If you read that movie, that Luffy win was nothing short of a miracle.

Which makes sense, because Shiki had also lost his legs.
@ShishioIsBack Oda has no idea what to do with Crocodile’s power level going by MF he clearly wants him to be a somewhat high profile player, i don’t think it’s insane if he was on par with prime Rayleigh.

But that’s a bit off topic
Well I think Prime Ray ~ Prime Roger

I don't think Crocodile is meant to be that level lmao
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But Prime Ray is kinda hard to power scale.

In his Old age, he was shown as God among men.

In his "prime" he was shown as Meh..he was just there.
Hopefully Oda shows events of God Valley to get a better idea @Shuyaku @TheAncientCenturion
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I am just trying to scale him to EoS Zoro but Rayleigh doesn't necessarily have to be Zoro.
Roger had Oden and Rayleigh, Luffy just has Zoro.
And Zoro sorta fits the bill for both Oden and Rayleigh.
Maybe EoS Zoro = Oden + Rayleigh?
Mihawk vs Byakuya from Bleach. no restrictions, both sides bloodlusted. Location is Wano.

Byakuya stats : Byakuya_Kuchiki (i'd take some of these with a grain of salt since it's vsb)

OBD profile :

@ShishioIsBack @TheAncientCenturion @Sentinel @Steven @playa4321 @Dragomir @Admiral Lee Hung @Topi Jerami etc.
For this matchup, folks should keep in mind that spiritual power from Bleach is significantly more versatile than haki from One Piece.

As well as all the physical stats and bullshit Bankai abilities that Bleach characters have, those who are well versed in spiritual power can unleash "Kido spells". Byakuya is a Kido Master and can use his spells in quick succession and without the incantation. So he can unleash his Shikai or Bankai on Mihawk and then spam spells to fuck with him.

I remember the two he used in multiple fights were one that physically restrained his opponent in place and another that basically allowed him to shoot lasers from his fingers.

From what I can remember, the restraint spell (Six Rod Light Restraint) is inescapable unless the opponent has a much greater well of spiritual power than the spell user, which Mihawk will not have since he uses haki.

Bleach characters are a pain to fight. Lel.
Idk man, right now i'm searching for continent level feats for him and can't find any. I'm seeing threads where some argue Mihawk outright stomps.

I'm just curious really, let's let the Bleach experts argue (as long as they're not biased)
@Jiihad and @Sentinel are well versed in Bleach power scaling if I recall correctly.


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BoS Byakuya probably loses to Mihawk, Mihawk has greater Attack Potency and Destructive Capabilities. Speed is a lil ambiguous since MF G2 Luffy is easily faster than lightning and Mihawk tagged em with ease with his eyes closed but Byakuya is one of tha fastest Captains. Either way, Mihawk probably Midd diffs that version of Byakuya

Hueco Mundo Byakuya probably still loses to Mihawk round midd diff. Ion think there’s too much of a difference at all between this Byakuya and tha BoS one

Post Winter War, Mihawk extreme diffs. All tha Captains(Ole Man Yama excluded) supposedly grew in some regard

EOS/Post Reio Byukaya washes this point blank period lmao. Gerard is a dude that is probably scaled to mountain durability and can instantly Regen from basically anything and Byakuya was chopping his ass up wit relative ease(granted he regenerated). And Captain kuchiki Shikai was stronger than his Bankai in tha previous arc

Bonus, since I seen Kenpachi mentioned in this. Kenpachi knocks Mihawks head off his shoulders lol. His raw power is enough to make a reality warper implode on himself. Mihawk has a cats chance in hell in that fight

I did exclude Haddo and Whatnot, since that would be cheap as hell and basically be a easy win for Byakuya lol


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Bleach characters in general are cheap as hell. Lol.

Technically, Mihawk should actually be neg diffed by Byakuya since Byakuya exists on a separate plane of existence and can directly attack Mihawk's soul without Mihawk ever noticing Byakuya's existence. :catpole:
Lmao, basically bro. I jus assumed we equalized that shit off RIP to avoid more of a cluster fuck
Well shit like lethality, Speed, reflexes would go to Mihawk unless we take that FTL shit to face value

@TheAncientCenturion @Shuyaku

No bleach character not even Ywach actually showed FTL feat.

If we wanna massively high ball feats then we can take Zoros TB feats and run with it putting Mihawk at FTL too

Many people think One Piece characters are FTL lmao
Yhwach is easily FTL. Mimihagi which even has precognitive immunity that nullified the almighty, crossed the distance between two separate realms instantaneously and Yhwach still blitzed and consumed it.