Future Events Mihawk's whereabouts

Is Mihawk trashing Kizaru + Garp + Chaton + Momousagi + SSG at the same time by his own ?

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The Navy sends the Admiral Kizaru to lead the Buster Call which includes the "Hero of the Marines" Garp, the admiral candidates Chaton & Momousagi and the SSG, in order to be 100% certain that Mihawk will be killed or captured.
However, Mihawk's skills far surpass their understanding :

  • cutting everything to dust ;
  • reconnecting perfectly any cut sections from anything through his kokuto as if nothing happened ;
  • manipulating matter at the atomic level thanks to slices of exceptional finesse allowing him to :
    • transform anything (objects, living beings and even the environment around him including space itself).
    • generate attacks combining various natural elements at the same time.
The Buster Call is unable to handle Mihawk. Kizaru gets killed because of his carelessness and Garp sacrifices himself to save everyone.
Mihawk comes out of the battle without the slightest scratch on him while getting his new bounty :

Dracule Mihawk
Wanted : Dead Only
Bounty : Becoming a Celestial Dragon



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Zoro won't face admirals til its the final war he'll already be WSS and mid-diff mihawk
Mihawk admitted inferiority to whitebeard whilst admirals go equal and mock him
Zoro will most likely not mid diff Mihawk, that would butcher 20+ years of hype being transpired. Probably high-very high at least.

About the admirals, he technically already faced 2, Kizaru and Fujitora, so that's to be seen, but if you mean defeat, most likely.
he consistently appeared in between Act 1 & 2 , and 2 & 3 . quite sure he's gonna be seen again in between Act 3 & 4 ( which could come soon ) .

i think Mihawk is either still in Kuraigana fighting Marines ( likely SSG ) , or he already retreated somewhere in New World .