Theory Momonosuke is Uranus

Momonosuke = Uranus Theory

The recent information I gathered around the already popular theory of Momonusuke being an ancient weapon, Uranus to be exact, makes me nearly certain that Momonosuke is indeed Uranus.

Let's talk about what happened at Zou first, Luffy and Momo are the only people on the island that could hear Zunesha talking, which we reckon is the voice of all things. What sets the two apart in this scene though, is that Momonosuke can somehow control Zunesha and make the elephant who was commanded to walk for the rest of eternity. I think this alone is good enough evidence that Momonusuke is indeed an ancient weapon, as having a power OP enough to literally destroy a yonko commander with ease would be ridiculously OP if it were common.

The reason I listed above is regarded as the main reason why Momonosuke is theorized to be an Ancient Weapon, but after doing a quick google search of Zunesha, the creature Momonosuke commanded, I figured out it literally translates to "Flower of Heaven" in Arabic. And then you have the Greek God Uranus, who is literally supposed to be the personification of Heaven, which would apply to Momonosuke in this case. I think this is just way too much of a coincidence, and Momonosuke commanding Zunesha is similar to a sprout of a flower, something unexpected and sudden happening (Zunesha doing something other than walking).

The sword Oden left for Momonosuke, the ame no habakiri, is also refered to as a sword that can cut down the heavens, thus furthering the relationship between Momonosuke and the Heavens. The swordsmith who crafted it, is named Tenguyama from the mythical tengu race, and the “Ten” part of the name means “heaven; heavenly” in Japanese. So not only is their a parallel with the heavens from the swords reputation itself, but also from the man who created it.

My last reason behind is pretty weak I'll admit, but it's still something. Momonosuke's hair color, specifically his middle part, is one that has a turquoise-ish (blue/green) tint to it, and the planet Uranus, has a nearly identical color tone to it. You can verify by giving yourself a quick google search, but it is most definitely very similar colors.

TLDR: Momonosuke is Uranus because of the scene we got in Zou with Zunesha, Zunesha's translation heavily relating to the greek god Uranus, his swords history and reputation relate to the Heavens, and his hair color represents that of the planet-Uranus-itself (both a blue-greenish color).

Momonosuke's hair color being very similar to the planet Uranus:

Momo's swords description
I’ve been on this train myself for awhile. I’d like to add that Zunesha is taller than even Skypeia, towers over the heavens itself, just another nod at the whole god of the sky concept. Also Law finding that poneglyph in Kaido’s place, that interesting enough wasn’t a road poneglyph. So I’m thinking maybe that poneglyph could have information about Uranus, that maybe it reincarnates in MoMo’s ancestry. Also just like in fmi when Shirahoshi communicated w the sea kings, it was another instance where Luffy could hear them but only Hoshi could communicate w them just like on Zou, so there’s definitely something about that aspect that separates it from just voice of all things.


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Shirahoshi got momo beat on being an ancient weapon. I feel like that would be lazy writing if two ancient weapons were incarnations. Momo commanding Zunesha was used to get rid of Jack, I really don't think theres much too it.