Versus Battle Moubu and SHK vs Ouki and Kyou

Who wins?

  • Ouki army

    Votes: 7 77.8%
  • Moubu army

    Votes: 2 22.2%

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Lazy is the way
Ouki is the strongest here : the mix between personal strength, field experience, brain and leadership is unmatched here.

We won’t really know Kyou real level but it’s quite high overall. The thing is she is a really really offensive general and if she grows too bold and attacks Moubu head on she will be Houkened.

The big mystery is SHK as always : if he is a monster like we all think then I think the fight will be really close.

Both Ouki and SHK have an offensive general that they have to use. SHK is likely smarter than Ouki but doesn’t have half his field experience especially as a leading GG.

I think Kyou is smarter than Moubu : we don’t have any feats to say that except stats : Moubu is 87 and Kyou 95 brain wise. But Moubu is a powerhouse.

About the best team play : both team are quite close here too: Ouki and Kyou trained and fought together, same for Moubu/SHK.

But I think from what we learnt that Kyou army under her command was really something else offensively. So Kyou and her army seems better than Moubu and his army even if Moubu is stronger.

Overall I give the W to Ouki team
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I didn’t see that Tou was here too for Ouki. It’s almost unfair lol given we don’t know Moubu and SHK vassals

With Tou and vassals they win this decisively
Well including Tou is just unfair as that makes the battle 3 Great Generals (Tou, Ouki and Kyou) vs 2 (SHK and Moubu). Lol.

Ouki also currently has more subordinate Generals than Moubu and SHK combined.

Yeah, Ouki Army will win fairly handily. The 20k strength difference is a minor inconvenience at best.

Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

Unto Greater Heights
Round 2 is unfair lol.

But for Round 1 I could see it going to Moubu and Shouheikun. Kyou was known for her heavily offensive tactics, while we already know from Mouten’s words that Moubu possesses the strongest offensive strength in Qin history. So Moubu > Kyou outright.

And that leaves Ouki vs Shouheikun, which I’ve commented on in the past in more detail but for now I’ll just say Ouki wins extreme diff martially while Shouheikun wins extreme diff tactically.

So you have
Moubu > Kyou
Shouheikun ~ Ouki

Meaning Shouheikun and Moubu take Round 1 imo. But yeah Round 2 isn’t fair lol.