Chapter Discussion Murata’s Decision To Rewrite Existing Chapters-The Dumbest Decision In Mangaka History?

Do the Rewrites Bother You

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Muratas version is Shit anyways.... Blast is allready revealed, not interesting, God is allready revealed as a real thing and not just epic mytho (thats coolest part about webcomic for me) . the prolonged and too much dragged arc this time around is so not interesting I skip pages.... Tatsumakis feats are crazy, black sperms are not, even though he should of been one of strongest monsters.... Its just badly written IMO... I dont care if ONE himself helps to write it its shit to me.... But fans over reddit wont admit it becouse fubuki ant tatsumaki are more sexy there...
How can it be a bad thing to be so invest in what you do that you take time to rework on existing chapters to make them fit your vision as much as possible?
And here we go again for a long streak of redraws.
Dude is going back to chapters from 2 years ago, what's the point? This is ridiculous and annoying, just move on ffs
Does he plan on redrawing the 30 chapters that are ahead?