My Hero Academia Chapter 302 : Careless Handling of Fire, Part Two

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Dabi was one of my favorite character know seeing his backstory made me realize I love him more that the fuel he had the whole time but seeing this chapter we have a talk no jutsu in upcoming fights with Endeavor and his sons

I hope not but seeing AFO coming back they will need all help they could need the MC is a the flop of theis series Shoto and Endeveavor are carrying the series more and more which is good because the MC I wont even write his name is a flop
This chapter pretty much confirms what we already knew, but shows what Enji meant when he said he just 'blamed others and dodged responsiblity', with him doing both those things in these chapters.

He was responsible for Toya's obsession but didn't want to take the responsibility of dealing with it, so he placed that responsibility, who he would later blame for being unable to stop Toya.
I feel sorry for Touya's past, but he did not have to become a villain much less a mass murderer.

Endeavor was truly a crap father. Rei tried, but not hard enough, she should have forced Endeavor to acknowledge his son, and to come up with a new plan rather that abandonment!

Touya could have still went to UA, and maybe the schools Development Studio could have come up with a costume that prevented Touya from burning so much. Yeah, give up on surpassing All Might, but he still could have become a Hero!

The kids were just kids, I dunno why they are blaming themselves. Shoto is the most innocent, yet most of Touya hate is directed toward him.
Kid shoto sleeping 🤣

What amaze me is thats Shoto doesn't get to have fun with his sibling but still become a good caring person.. :smoothy:
Touya in this chapter tho look psycho when he blaming her mother Rei..😳
Maybe she shouldn't ask this question

because its look like its hit Touya's pride or something, i dunno.. as for Endeavour, he should take responsibility and acknowledge Touya.. But at the end, they all blaming themselves🤣 but good ending tho as Shoto who is hero of the family, decided that they must stop Touya...

As for next chapter, i hope we get to know about how Dabi was born or maybe about Deku.. And I can't wait for Deku to woke up 🥺🥺
Toya breaking down in front of his father, wanting to show him his blue fire so he'll tell him he wasn't a mistake was rough to see. And even seeing his son in such a desperate state Endeavor just blames Rei and goes back to ignoring him

Maybe she shouldn't ask this question

because its look like its hit Touya's pride or something, i dunno..
She's trying to get him to give up but in the most indirect way possible because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. But he saw through it and basically said she's the reason he's like this.