My Hero Academia Chapter 316 Spoilers Thread

Two explosion cliff hangers in a row :crazwhat:
Its horribly cliche, but I love it. AFO has gone from shit tier to the GOAT. He blew them up twice in TWO CHAPTERS.

GOAT villain tier.

I want to see more of AFO's personality in the next couple of chapters.

And Kirishima :josad:
I want my boy Kirishima back as well. Maybe we'll cut to UA soon?
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I actually really enjoyed the chapter.

I wouldn't have been happy with Nagant being alive if it wasn't something that AFO accounted for or planned for. Since it was, I'm fine with it. If the scenario that unfolded was that AFO blows up Nagant, Nagant tells them the location of the mansion, and the heroes catch AFO with his pants down, that would have been lame. That would have literally been what would have happened to the previous league(we know this, because it happened to them literally twice, once in Kamino and another during the PLF raid). The fact that AFO actually took into account that they would actually get the location out Nagant and planned accordingly to literally blow up the mansion with the heroes inside it is fun. Its good classical villain shit that I'm absolutely here for.

And yeah, its very obvious that they aren't going to die, its a classic cliffhanger though, and I like it as a big "F you" to the heroes. Its the most sterotypical bad guy shit ever but its hilarious and I love it. This is way more fun than anything Shigaraki ever did. AFO is just far better at pranking our protagonists than Shiggy was.

I think it also does a good job at progressing the "Deku is going to mess himself up mentally fighting this much without proper emotional support" sort of theories, and I like that AFO is playing to Deku's weaknesses by blowing up people like Nagant who he was trying to save. This is making me incredibly hopeful that there is eventually going to be some follow through where Deku totally collapses from the mental strain of being a hero. This is exactly the sort of thing I wanted MHA to actually explore, and I was worried for a bit that it was something that Hori was going to bring up from time to time, but wasn't actually going to address. Glad to see I was wrong and it seems like its going to be the literal point of Deku's character. Not a story of Deku becoming stronger from negative experiences, but becoming more detatched, alone and broken as more and more bad things happen while he pushes those he cares about away.
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Holllllyyyy crabbbb
Like always Hiori do something unexpected.
There is noway she will be saved right?
Hope the theory about dekus quirk healing ability is right.
It will blow entire story line.
But the chance really small like? Because lookin by his parents their quirk more to become like phoenix in x men.
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Deku will save everyone with second user quirk ?

or black whip ?

Or everyone hurt and die ?
Can u tell me all OFA user power?
I only know black whip, danger sense, smoke, what else?
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