My Hero Academia - Chapter 360 : Even After All That!

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Shimotsuki Ghostly

Ghostly The Shitpostly.
Great chapter, a lot of roasting going on without Endeavour or Dabi being involved either funnily enough!

I thought Mirio was being a sadist to Shigaraki for a second (you have no friends bruh) but I really like his line about something things are not meant to be broken like friendship/bonds I think he meant?

Found it a little hard to tell what was going on in some panels but Horis art and panelling still really impresses me as always though.

This was a pretty awesome and interesting chapter, its really nice to see Bakugo get humbled so much and its emphasising how much he is this generation's equivalent of Endeavour and All Might, Endeavour being in the shadow of AM and never being able to be as "blessed" as he is.
Makes me think of hard work vs talent in Naruto especially with Naruto vs Neji, Rock Lee and Gai as characters before that all went downhill lol.

Also, Vegeta vs Goku too, how Vegeta was always a runner up compared to Goku and serving as a hype tool for villains and struggling more than Goku ever did and never getting a real win as far as I remember? I think I can only remember him killing some of Frieza henchmen, maybe one of the Ginyu force at least idk, Android 19 (The Kim Jong Un lookalike one) and such?

Hope this is a quirk awakening for Bakugo anyway at the end there, love to see what his quirk awakening would actually entail and be like, as a fellow explosion lover too.