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Best Mangekyou Sharingan?

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Nothing really it just crossed my mind that he was trying to find the perfect body and a way for him to be immortal, in the war he took the body of a white zetsu and I don't remember but they don't really age since we have seen years after the war in boruto you can still find them in some parts and aren't aged or anything
It’s the Hashirama cells that were infused into the White Zetsus. He’s not technically immortal since he can still be killed but he doesn’t need to do the body switch anymore.
They have started airing naruto on TV in my country. And my 5yr old nephew already started to like this show. It's kinda weird to see my family watching Naruto (because my nephew don't let anyone watch other programs except his favorite cartoon channel)
I'm the only Otaku in my entire family and relatives I guess