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Canon Movie?

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Canon movie would suck for One Piece. Better remain with bullshit stories that doesn't fuck up the story more than it is already fucked up.

To understand about cannon movies we have to talk about Kimetsu no Yaiba. The only reason for doing movies is to keep up with the story without caring about pacing since the Manga is already finished and far ahead of anime.
One Piece movies now rely on characters we're all hyped to see in the manga.

Let's face it. If Shanks hadn't of been in the movie film red is a pretty mid movie.

It was the same with Stampede it road the coattails of Roger.

For once I'd like to see a movie with really good story not just moments of hype over characters we're longing to see. It wouldn't surprise me if the next movie is about Dragon.

The last good movie IMO was film Z.
With OP Red being such a success (even though I didnt like it), AND another film already confirmed

What future movie do you hope for, if it could be Canon

I feel like the hope for OP Film Rocks is still strong. And of course thatd be the one i'd most like to see

Unfortunately it will not happend, cause no Luffy

But any ideas for movies?

An enemy beyond The World's Strongest, and even Pirate King. This is finally time for






One Piece YellowishGreen about two bickering gay lovers who cross paths with the SHs but are too indecisive in their relationship towards the crew, at times opposing it, at times helping it against the common enemy, an ex Marine project, clone of a disgraced bespectacled big-breasted mouse-themed Admiral chick connected with Sword God Ryuma.
didn't the jinbe voice actor say it would be about a mugiwara? or am i imagining things?

if it is true, i hope it's about brook. there are so many things we don't know about him
Im pretty sure he didn't say it's about a mugiwara he only stated that it's in production and it's great
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My next op movie prediction would be a bounty hunter .
Since it's been stated that there are bounty hunters in one piece but surprisenlly none have shown up , (i think at the start there were some) anyways , I would love for this movie to kidnap some of the strawhats and make some drama between them , same as getting kaido and yamato in there would be a nice addition though i think it's impossible .
I still cant find out the news about rocks.

Here are my guess on order.
  1. Rocky Port incident
    • Luffy, Wang Zhi, Law, Coby, BB
    • The existence of Coby Will attract the audience since Coby story in the manga (assume 30 chapters/year) should be seen next year (maybe 2024).
  2. Rocks
    • Luffy replace Roger,
    • Issho (Akainu, a FA, is hardly to be counted) Replace Garp