Character Discussion Oda had to exclude Zoro from WCI because he was too strong

I think he would've gotten a fight against someone like Smoothie (probably wouldn't be too difficult but still) since he acknowledged that there wasn't need to start too much trouble with 2 Yonko. He'd probably just follow the plan to go in and ruin the wedding, try to assassinate Big Mom then bail with the crew. I doubt he'd say 'screw it,' and start a 1v1 with her. He'd probably try to get a hit in like Luffy but I don't think much else.
No FS/AdCoA Luffy and No Enma Zoro gets raped by Big Mom. Zoro ain't even beating Katakuri, who Luffy needed to develop Future Sight, and use a version of G4 that was too fast for even Future Sight to pull off the W.
fuck is kat going to do to zoro, ask him if he’s going to beat his mom lmao 2021 and people still think Kats a goal post